We were contracted by Telemundo to develop a system that would allow their Project Manager to easily view all the editor's hours and projects in order to see who was most and least productive in the company.  We had 24 hours to complete the challenge.  

In this hackathon, we also worked closely with developers to see our designs come to life. 
Telemundo provided us with the anchoring question and we developed the problem space from the information that was provided. 
The client also provided us with a persona based off of their post production manager and we then had to develop their needs and pain points. 
The team designed a few iterations that involved heat maps and modals, but ultimately had to scrap those ideas due to the devs time limitations.
Our final mockup had barometers that allowed the product manager to do a quick glance and see how each editor is performing.  There is also a color coded system that allows for simple scanability.  
With the limited time provided the devs team was able to get all the editors in order and also create the barometer. 
Working in a 24hr time frame was incredibly intense, but a great working experience. Collaborating with people I had just met displayed empathy and flexibility.

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